Welcome to Our Blog!

After two years from the start of the Babe Research Project, we are excited to launch our own blog!

On the Babe Blog, we’ll share about the work in progress that we are doing in order to build an open space of debate and exchange around migrations, memory of colonialism, visual and oral mapping of cultural spaces, and critical approaches to Postcolonial Europe. You’ll get to know the Babe Project team, and the development of our itineraries of research and connections with other people involved in this fascinating field. This space gives us a chance to comment and share some of the behind-the-scenes activities, research, and experiences, including contributions from external guests, invited scholars and artists.

On the Babe website you’ll find our research materials and results. During the first year of activity, various workshops and initiatives have already taken place at the EUI:

The Launch of the Project, 15 November 2013

Memory and the Archive, 15 January 2014

One of the results of the fieldwork in schools is the video “Itineraries of Mobile Subjectivities”

We look forward to an open and fruitful exchange with our readers. We don’t intend to confine our interests just to academic research, since we are fully aware of the social, political and intercultural relevance of the issues we are dealing with. Please feel free to add your comments and join us.  Discussion and debate are the main road to research and self-understanding.