This is the blog of the research project “Bodies Across Borders: Oral and Visual Memory in Europe and Beyond”, funded by the European Research Council and based at the European University Institute, Department of History and Civilization, Florence, Italy. The BABE blog will give particular relevance to various forms of interaction of the research team with the interviewees as well as with other scholars and a wider audience. Although largely in English, the blog aims at being multilingual so as to reflect the multiplicity of people and languages involved in the project.

The BABE project studies the construction of oral and visual memories addressing the crossing of European borders, both internal and inter-continental. It also involves the crossing of disciplinary borders, combining disciplines such as cultural history, visual studies, and oral history, with the visual arts. It includes the collection and interpretation of collective and individual interviews on itineraries of migration and displacement, adopting the biographical method and the open life-story technique. Within this framework, particular attention is paid to visuality, understood as a dimension of memory processes and as a field of social, cultural and artistic intervention.

The work for the research project started on June 2013 and will continue until 31 May 2018. It involves various places in Italy (including among others Turin, Florence, Venice, Palermo) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and other towns). The research is directed by Professor Luisa Passerini and the research team is composed by Drs Graziella Bonansea, Liliana Ellena, Giada Giustetto, Leslie Hernández Nova, Gabriele Proglio, Milica Trakilovic.


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